Convener’s Message

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Convener's Message

I welcome you all to the Graceladies International Ministry.
My name is Ayodeji Megbope, by the grace of God, the convener of this ministry.
We started out 9 years ago with 3 individuals. I run a full fledged catering outfit, a few metres away from a high brow school.The two other women had children in this school.
Every morning, after dropping off their children in school, they usually will come to my office and we would have discussions around our businesses and share other experiences of life.
Then one day, I had a light bulb moment and said to them ‘hey,we come here every day and have discussions about out children, businesses and challenges in life.Why
don’t we put our time here to a better use and have prayer meetings instead.’
These two women, who were of like minds with me, readily agreed. So afterwards, upon dropping off their children in school, they would come to my office and we would have such glorious time in the presence of God.
The Lord, to whom we gathered, encouraged us with answers to our petitions. We were very excited and just like the Samaritan woman, who encountered Jesus by the well, we knew we couldn’t keep this good thing to ourselves. So, we began to reach out to other women.
In trickles, other women began to join us. What started as a gist session amongst 3 women, has blossomed into a fruitful ministry that has over 300 women within her network. It can only be God!!!!
Today, when you come into Grace Ladies fellowship, the first thing that hits you is the love that exists amongst us and this is borne out of each woman feeling secured in her God given assignment. We continue to encourage and inspire ourselves to be the best that God has ordained us to be.
Our main focus, is to raise balanced women. Women who are mindful of the fact that they have different assignments, wearing different caps as they carry out their different responsibilities.
Women who desire to see all that they do turn out excellently well.
We raise women who are not afraid to take on challenges, because they draw confidence from the God who is bigger than the challenges of 10 women put together and who is more than able to help them surmount these challenges.

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