The Established Woman by- Mrs Ayodeji Megbope

Established woman

The Established Woman by- Mrs Ayodeji Megbope

  • June 29, 2020
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Bible Texts : 2king 4, Isaiah 62
The dictionary meaning of the word ‘Established’ is given as settled securely and unconditionally, shown to be valid beyond reasonable doubt.
Nothing catches God unaware and so I must learn not
to be afraid. Fear makes me judge God unfaithful. If I allow fear,it will torment and steal from me and so, I must begin to make a conscious effort to eliminate it. I must let you know at this point, that fear is real and if you give room to it, it will hinder you from being established.
An established woman is focused on what will continually bring her joy. Being able to impact people’s life is an antidote to fear.It is in the recognition of my assignment that I get blessed.
It is the word of God that eliminates fear. The established woman must be strategic and deliberate about growing herself. Focusing on the word will ensure this.
As she focuses,she realizes that, through the fulfillment of her assignments,her own help comes to her.
The established woman is not focused on herself. She is secured in the knowledge that,she might not have everything,but God has got her back!
She knows her assignment and its fulfilment gives her joy. She knows that everything she does for God will be rewarded.

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  • Florence D.Onuoha, July 4, 2020 @ 6:46 pm Reply

    God is good.

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